Jayy reunited with his mom, this is so adorable <3 

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So im thinking of selling old BOTDF merch I own that is either too small or I just dont wear anymore, the shirts will be like $10. Would anyone be interested if I put them on eBay or something???

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Anonymous said: sorry, i didn't see it. my bad c:

its all good

Anonymous said: Do you know if Jayy has any hobbies other than smoking weed?

he eats burgers, makes weird songs with Mike, plays beer pong, and his full time hobby is lookin sexy

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Anonymous said: what piercings all does Jayy have?

ive already answered this

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Anonymous said: Check out my blog! ~ stopbotdf

your blog is absolutely disgusting. I don’t understand why you feel the need to do this, its not going to do anything child. 

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